1. Summer Time Speedboat Wedding Bliss on Lake Gaston
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  5. Groom Lifted In Air During Quail Branch Lodge Reception
  6. Bride Gets Veil Adjusted While Coming Down the Aisle
  7. Rand-Bryan House Wedding | Garner Wedding Photographers
  8. Photo Inception with Bridesmaid and the Bride's Parents
  9. Gifts for the Father of the Bride on the Wedding Day
  10. Bridal Couple Enjoying a Private Dance During Portraits
  11. Groomsman Plants Huge Kiss on Groom Before Ceremony
  12. Bald Head Island Bridesmaids and Bride Laughing It Up
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  14. Family Prays Together During Backyard Ceremony
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  18. Bride Embracing Her Bridesmaides in Beaufort
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  21. Sparkler Exit Outside the Stockroom at 230 in Raleigh
  22. Even the Groom Can Use a Little Help Now and Then
  23. Sparkler Exit Captured by Raleigh Wedding Photographer
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  25. Candid First Dance at Union Station in Washington DC
  26. Never Too Old for a Piggy Back Ride at a Wedding
  27. Begging the Bridesmaids Please Don't Drop the Groom
  28. Grooms Mother Glowing at Grandover Resort in Greensboro
  29. Emotional Candid Moment of Bride and Dad Dancing
  30. Groom Weeps When He Sees Bride Coming Down the Aisle
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  32. Duke Chapel Bride and Groom Playful Encounter Outside
  33. Centennial Station in High Point Sparkler Exit
  34. Bride Sneaking Up on Groom During First Look in Raleigh
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  36. King of the World at His Wedding Day Reception
  37. Charlotte Wedding Couple Silhouetted Against the Sunset
  38. Bride and Her Father Having Fun During Their Dance
  39. Groom Reflecting on the Day Before His Beach Wedding
  40. Ecstatic Groom Gushing Over Bride at Barn at Valhalla
  41. Officiating Ceremony at Governor's Club, Chapel Hill
  42. Offering to Mary During Catholic Wedding in Durham
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  44. Raleigh Wedding Photographs Mom Helping Bride Dress
  45. Charlotte University Hilton Superhero LGBT Bridal Party
  46. Wedding Portrait on the Red Bridge at Duke Gardens
  47. Brookmill Farm Wedding Day Portrait
  48. Wedding Photo of Romance at a Castle McCulloch Wedding
  49. Portrait of Bride Reflecting on Her Wedding Day
  50. Inn at Tabbs Creek Hindu and Jewish Wedding Photography
  51. First Look at Childress Vineyard for Military Ceremony
  52. Groom at Wedding Reception at the Cookery in Durham NC
  53. Indian Couple at Historic Yates Mill County park
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  55. Duke Chapel Is the Perfect Backdrop for these Newlyweds
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