Romantic Greensboro Arboretum Moment for Newlyweds

Romantic Greensboro Arboretum Moment for Newlyweds

Location of Photo: Greensboro Arboretum, 401 Ashland Dr, Greensboro, NC 27403

Date of Photo: April 28, 2018

You would be surprised how often I hear from couples looking at my photos (like the one above) that they love my photos but they know I won't be able to pose them like that because they are akward or not very good at having their photo taken. They ask to see the ones that aren't posed and ones that are more natural.

I'll let you in on a little secret, almost every photo on my site wasn't posed by me. Well, sorta anyway.

What I tell my couples is that I like to pose them about 60%-70%. This means I put them in a general location, put them in some nice light or add some light of my own, give some very simple directions to get them generally how I would like to have them... then I let the magic happen.

The magic actually comes from couples just being themselves. I don't want you to look back on your wedding photos and say, "Oh, remember when the photographer posed us? Wasn't that so romantic?", I want you to be yourselves and I want you to have real moments with each other - not ones I've fabricated for you. I find that even the most akward couple will shine when given the opportunity especailly on their wedding day.

What you are seeing in this photo is the bride and groom sharing a private moment when he decided to softly kiss her hand. I was actually fairly far away with a zoom lens so that they could forget I was there and just be themselves. These are the moments that really count.

The Greensboro Arboretum offers a number of locations to get married at and of course numerous locations for really beautiful portraits before or after your wedding ceremony.

One of the manhy beatuiful locations at the Greensboro Arboretum

While some photographers get really upset about cell phones and cameras at weddings, i just ask that you make sure you are present and in the moment with the couple enjoying the day. Don't watch everything unfold on your iPhone screen. And please, just be respectful to the photographers and videographers that are there to capture everything. We promise you'll get to see our photos later so let us take them.

Not to mention, I find it funny that I have a photo like this from every wedding that I've ever shot!

Photo Inception with Bridesmaid and the Bride's ParentsPhoto inception - a photo within a photo

Sometimes it's the simplest photos that say the most. This has become a poplular photo for a lot of my couples and many have requested it. It makes for a great thank-you card photo or even a nice piece to have larger on a wall at home.

I prefer to have the couple hold the rings instead of just a photo of the rings sitting lonely on a table somewhere

But in the end what is really important is that everyone has a great time a creates some lasting memories right?

Yes, you will actually have this much fun at your wedding

Location: 401 Ashland Dr, Greensboro, NC 27403.

Keywords: bench (3), BRIDE (6), couple (3), Greensboro (3), Greensboro Arboretum (3), groom (6), kiss (3), roses (3), sitting (3), wedding (324). 1/800; f/2.8; ISO 400; 200.0 mm.