Emotional Groom Cries When He First Sees His Bride

Emotional Groom Cries When He First Sees His Bride

One of my favorite moments of the wedding day is the moment when the bride and groom see each other for the first time as she comes down the aisle. While I've discussed the pros and cons of the pre-ceremony "first look", this moment is such an honest outpouring of emotion that always grabs me and reminds me of why I'm a Raleigh wedding photographer.

While it's of course great to have images of everyone having a great time and enjoying the day, I would make the argument that photos such as these are the images that will truly be cherished over time. Through the power of a candid image such as this you can be transported not only to the time and place of where it took place but taken into the heart of the subject to share what they felt so many years ago. 

Isn't that the role of photography? I can think of no better reason to photograph anything at all like the reason to stir memories and to evoke emotions. So many people, including myself, grew up with a slightly dilapidated shoebox overflowing with a collection of random, discoloring image prints that would be gathered from it's resting spot during particular family events and when wanting to reminisce about someone who may no longer been with us. It could be a way to bond or a way to heal. It was a way to remember and celebrate someones life. It's funny that something as seemingly simple as a tiny paper photograph can be very powerful and I hope we continue to hold these images dear to hearts and to cherish the moments they had captured.

Location: Charlotte, NC.

Keywords: Charlotte (15), North Carolina (249), Private Residance (66), wedding (315). 1/1600; f/2.8; ISO 800; 160.0 mm.