Charlotte University Hilton Superhero LGBT Bridal Party
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Charlotte University Hilton Superhero LGBT Bridal Party

This was one of my favorite images of the year! It's so important that when we take photos that we capture our subjects the way they really are and Ashley and Britt have all kinds of personality and are a blast to hang out with. This was the third time with them in front of the lens. I had previously shot their engagement photos and a Cinderella themed bridal shoot in Charlotte and now we finally got to celebrate their same-sex wedding at the Charlotte University Hilton.

From the superhero t-shirts to the lego themed wedding cake and boutonnieres you knew right away you were in for a great time at this wedding. The bridal party were amazing and couldn't wait to get into the action and really brought this image alive.

For this image I wanted to give it a special treatment to tie into the comic book feel. We lit it with the Profoto B1 without a modifier because I wanted the hard shadows to be reminiscent of a pen and ink comic outline. Later in post-production the image was toned to further give it that super hero feel.

The couple loved it and I'm so glad to know they are proud enough of it to have a large print of hanging in their home!

Location: Hilton Charlotte University Place, 8629 J M Keynes Dr, Charlotte, NC 28262.