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Chapel Hill Wedding Photographer Captures Bridal Couple

Story of the Shot

The morning of Jennifer and Earl's wedding was a little more stressful than we would have liked. The day before we had gotten a tremendous downpour across the area and we had worried that the weather would end up effecting our schedule plans the next day. 
While we did have to alter where at the Barn at Valhalla we were going to have the actual wedding ceremony, I wanted to make sure that I captured something really beautiful and unique for the couple because they had really taken everything in stride and were really awesome to work with (as was everyone involved).
One of my favorite wedding photographers is Brisbane's own Marcus Bell. Some of Marcus' most recognizable images show the couple walking in fabulous landscapes, dripping with fog and mist, with the couple a component of the image. It was with these images in mind that I came up with the idea to capture this image.
At the Barn at Valhalla, you have a number of wonderful locations to photograph at. Being my first time there, I had previously done my research on the venue including looking at some of the images taken from weddings that had taken place before. I had wanted to do something a little different yet still capture the allure of the location. 
The path you see the newlyweds walking on, is actually the road that leads to the Barn itself. Most often, guests will drive down this road to drop off other passengers in their vehicle and then drive back to the field just out of site above and to the right of this image to park. The Barn at Valhalla also provides a small golf cart sized vehicle to shuttle guests back and for to the parking area which is wonderful for those who can’t make the walk.

Getting the Shot

After the wedding ceremony and after we had completed all of the family portraits the couple had requested, we set off to capture a few bridal portraits of the two of them. My first location was a long wooden bridge that led over to the additional buildings associated with the Barn. A wonderful canopy of trees had engulfed the bridge overhead, creating a very soft light. It was here we started taking the first of our portraits. 
After capturing everything we needed there I could see the wedding couple were getting anxious to get to their reception and relax after a fairly stressful lead up to their wedding because of the weather. I asked if I could set up one more image for them and it’s the image you see above. 
We had tried two different shots of this image, one with them walking away from the camera and one walking towards. Personally, I felt the one walking towards the camera was far more impactful.
You would actually be surprised how hard it is to capture a photo of someone let alone a couple walking can be. You have to take into consideration their arm and leg placements, the expression on their face, and of course their placement in the image overall. When you have two or more people in the image, the problem then becomes that they start to talk to one another and you risk having the perfect image ruined by someone speaking and putting their mouth in some weird position.
My advice that I give couples when I’m shooting something like this is to refrain from talking yet try to have a conversation with one another simply with their smile. Let the other person know just how much you love them simply by the look you are giving them in your expression and in your eyes. Besides eliminating the chance for an awkward speaking photo, you also help to create a romantic moment that they will remember every time that see that image in their wedding album or hanging on the wall in their home.
A newlywed couple, very much in love, on their way to the rest of their lives together. What could be more beautiful?

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