Three Reasons To Invest In Professional Real Estate Photography

Regardless if you are a listing agent or trying to sell your property on your own, nothing can help you attract more potential buyers like professionally taken photographs. With the advent of the smart phone, everyone now has a camera with them at all times but are these cameras and the images they produce enough? Here's three reasons why to invest in professional photography services.

Three Reasons for Hiring a Professional Real Estate Photographer

1. The Internet

Did you know that according to realtor.org, 92% of homebuyers use the internet as a component of their home search. That means that the images that you use to represent your property can directly affect the selling price, how quickly it sells, and most importantly if it sells at all.

Like so many things, first impressions are everything. If a prospective buyer doesn't feel that immediate attraction to a property when they see it online, there's a strong possiblity they will simply move on to other options costing you the potential sale. Make sure your images all have that wow factor that grabs their attention and makes them want to see more. 

2. Keeping It All Straight

To properly photograph rooms to truly show their spaciousness, you'll have to photograph them with a wide angle lens. The problem with photographing with a wide angle lens is that it begins to distort the straight edges like molding and doorways to the point that your home now looks like a fun house. A professional photographer knows the tips and tricks to minimize these distracting elements and even correct them later in the image editing process. Below is an unpolished image I've taken with a wide angle lens showing some of the image distortion from the lens. I've marked a few of the areas that are slightly distorted. The most obvious distortion to take notice of being the doorway on the far left of the image.



As you can see, the bottom image better reflects the way the room would appear in person and is much more pleasing to the eye. It's these little adjustments and fine tuning to an image that make all the difference and can only be done by a professional photographer with the proper software.

3. Proper Equipment

While we are on the subject of the proper software, let's not forget the equipment needed to professionally capture the property. For example, I personally use only the newest and highest resolution Nikon cameras and the highest grade wide angle lenses made by Nikon to assure that the image is as perfect as possible in the camera from the very start. A professional real estate photographer will also travel with assorted lighting equipment to help fill in shadows if necessary and to use additional light to highlight and create depth in the shot making the location look more inviting. 


Now that you know some of the top reasons for not taking your real estate photos yourself, you can see how important it is to hire a professional photographer. While all of that might be fine and good, I know the one question still weighing on your mind and rightfully so - how expensive is it? Surprising inepensive given the importance and as you've learned potentially the difference between getting the asking price and getting only a reduced offer.

As a point of reference here are my current real estate photography rates (local):

Up to 2499 ft2 : 15/25 images $109/$135

2500 to 4999 ft2 : 15/25 images $135/$160

5000 to 7499 ft2 : 15/25 images $160/$195


Now that you know more about having professional images taken, consider this. If you fixed up your real estate or painted or made any improvements prior to listing, can you think of anything that is as important as professional photographs that you have done for only $109? 

Contact me to discuss your real estate needs and to schedule an appointment. I have lightning fast turnaround time on standard real estate shoots with images delivered in 24hr or less!

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