Durham Wedding Photography: Cotton Room Images

Durham Wedding Photography: Cotton Room Images

I love when the couple writes each other letters to read on their wedding day. Wedding photography often relies on the subjects in front of the camera lens especially if the photograph shoots in a photojournalistic manner looking to capture moments more than create staged instances to take images of. 

Watching each of the couple read their respected letter always captures some monderful moments from tears to laughter. The letters can be a small note written on the inside of a greeting card or it can go on for pages, but it's always filled with wonderful memories and private jokes and moments between the couple - and that's how it should stay. 

This album spread also shows some details from the bride and of course her girls that make up her bridesmaids. He we catch a few moments with the ladies right out of hair and make-up and ready to get into their dresses for a day of tears and laughter and into the night for a party none of them will ever forget.

Location: 807 E Main St, Durham, NC 27701.