TV interview on "Loving Life with Dr. Weir" with Raleigh Wedding Photographer Jeff Allen Studios as featured on CW22 

I had the opportunity back in September to sit down with Dr. Tim Weir on the set of "Loving Life with Dr. Weir" at it's home at Uptone Pictures in Wake Forest to record a segment about the work I do and about the importance of photography in our lives.

The Shoe Box

I don't know about you, but I recall growing up with those drawers and shoe boxes in the house of countless family photos. Often faded with time, this time capsule of images would be pulled out on holidays and special events. It would be pulled out when someone passed away or a child was brought into the family. It was a way to reminisce about loved ones and often a time to make fun of each other about how we were dressed when we were little (seriously, what were our parents thinking sometimes?). 

There was something about opening up that lid and seeing that mismatched pile of color and black and white images staring back at you from the past.

Why now does it seem that there is so little attention given to the printed image? While we can certainly view our images in a more portable fashion now because of electronic devices like smart phones and tablets, nothing resonates with our emotions and senses like the tactile experience of holding that image in your hands, flipping through a beautifully made handmade album, or looking at it on the wall of your home.

"[...] nothing resonates with our emotions and senses like the tactile experience of holding that image in your hands..."

I often joke that if Facebook is the only wall your images are on, that’s the wrong wall. We should expect that Facebook/Instagram will at some point run it's course and will fall by the wayside. What will happen to all those images then? For some people their entire lives are there and only there. If you think that's never going to happen make sure to send me a friend request from your MySpace page!

I'm a huge proponent of the printed image. That's why my wedding photography collection includes at the minimum a 10x10 custom wedding album. There are also numerous print options for your walls and image collections.  

Real Candid Emotions Instead of Posed Moments

I belong to numerous photography groups online and day after day I see images where there is this huge dramatic scene with a dark and moody sky taking up a third of the image and if you look really, really hard you'll find a couple in that image somewhere that looks like they couldn't care less about each other. Often looking off emotionlessly to something in the distance with no connection to tell you they are connected romantically or emotionally except for the mention that it's an engagement or wedding photo. Have you come across any of these yet?

When you look back at your images, should the memory be about the process and the posing the photographer made you do, or should it be about the emotions you were feeling at that exact moment? It seems silly when it's put like that but sadly I think sometimes the photographer's own need to create that epic shot to garnish "likes' on Facebook compels the image instead of encapsulating a single moment they way only photography can when we focus on what truly matters. 

I have nothing against these artistic images per se and I’ve been know to indulge myself once in awhile but you must have that connection with the subjects and that subject has to be the couple and not the scene.

A well crafted image of your wedding day should take you immediately back to how you felt when it was taken. A strong image can be as powerful as any other memory trigger like sounds or smells as long as it is properly captured.

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